Our History

A little history:

In 2010 we celebrated 50 years of ministry in the community. It is indeed worth rejoicing, and as your Pastor for the last 25 years it is my honor and privilege to be able to share in this celebration. I was reading about an individual who was clearing his backyard. First he took out a 12′ dogwood just by rocking it back and forth and watching it pull itself out of the ground by its own roots. The second was half that size. It was a beech tree. No bending seemed to work. He dug around the base and discovered a tap root as thick as the trunk. No amount of force from above would surrender the tree. Finally, there was an oak about 18-24 inches tall. He thought it would be the easiest as he reached down to pull it out. He lost the tug of war.

Christ Lutheran’s strength and longevity in this community is because of its root system. The root system of this congregation has sunk deeply into the foundation of faith and grace in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But it has been those deep roots that have allowed it to weather storms of history and ministry. This place has been blessed with wonderful and spiritual Pastors: Nielsen, Zimmerman, Hagedorn, Josephson. They have guided the cultivation and nurturing of that root system. Thank you to each of them. Ultimately though, it has been God’s hands, God’s very hands that have made this all possible. Praise God!

It is interesting to look at our newsletter mailing list and see such places as Dublin, Ohio; Manitowoc, Wisconsin; Palmerton, Pennsylvania; Hawaii; Newark; Delaware; Duluth, Minnesota; Cooksville, Maryland; Winter Springs, Florida; Waxhaw, North Carolina; San Diego, California; Minden, Nevada; Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Harrisonburg, Virginia. Many, many people have come through our Sunday School, Confirmation, Luther League, Bethel and Search Bible study programs. They have not stayed in the community but have scattered throughout the world like the parable of the lavish sower. They have been trained, nurtured and supported in this place to be good, faithful disciples. Imagine this congregation sending out children and families trained by the gospel, carrying the message of love and grace and bringing bits and pieces of CLC out to all kinds of new places. And I hope those congregations have been blessed by it. CLC has had a great influence on many, many other congregations during these 50 years.

May God continue to bless the ministry of CLC with divine presence and grace for the next 50 years. See you in worship,
Pastor Jim