Pastor’s Message

REW_20120307_001Leaving a Legacy

If you keep up with the news on TV, you will notice at the end of each news program or advertisement that there is reference to their Facebook or Twitter account.  Please ”like” us on Facebook.  This way there is this connection and the web of this connectedness spreads wider and wider.  We want to be connected, to have this sense of belonging.  There are so many ways we use to fill that need or desire to have a relationship.  Christ Lutheran Church is a real, visible, flesh and blood community that is welcoming, accepting and compassionate.  No friend requests are ever denied in this place.  People are here to care, assist and try to make the world a better place in people’s lives, this community and the world.   And this community is grounded, centered in the love and grace that Christ offers and gifts to all of us.  We exist because of the grace and the love and acceptance of God which allows us to be the community we are.  Christ Lutheran’s mission is to leave a legacy in this neighborhood.  It is a legacy of humility, care for others as we strive to follow Jesus in faithful, committed ways.  Come and join us as together we leave footprints of grace that can leave a lasting, living impression on all who follow this path.  Come and check us out; “like” us and help us share the love and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.