Pennies for Peanut Butter

On the first Sunday of each month, peanut butter donation jars are available to collect pennies to help eradicate childhood hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Philippines. A dietary supplement based on peanut butter, soy milk, vitamins and minerals is economical, requires no refrigeration and is more effective than conventional methods to save children’s lives.

Nov. 2013 marks CLC’s first year anniversary of supporting Project Peanut Butter in helping save children’s lives by supplying peanut-based food to those in need in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Philippines. Through the generous donations given the first Sunday of each month, CLC has donated $2,450. to PPB and saved the lives of 70 children!  That is estimated to be the children in 2 villages.

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines:  Thanks to the generosity of so many, CLC will send a check for $145. to Lutheran World Relief to benefit the survivors of the super typhoon. LWR is matching funds for  all donations and Thrivent will match $1. for every $2. donated which means CLC is effectively contributing over $340. toward disaster relief. Thank you!