Worship Services

Description of Worship Services

Sunday 8:15am – Spoken liturgy, sermon and Holy Communion

Sunday 9:15am – Full liturgy with complete service in the church with Holy Communion, choir and hymns. From September through June, Sunday School is offered at this time. On the second Sunday of the month, the Sunday School children begin in the sanctuary.

Sunday 11:15am – Contemporary service in the fellowship hall. This is a rapidly growing service which is less traditional, led with a PowerPoint presentation and a contemporary band. This service is not held in the  summer months.

Saturday evening  5:15pm   –  Worship with Holy Communion. The theme will be “faith, trust and pixie dust”. We will be using Disney movies to share a gospel message. There will be such classics as Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and new classics like Toy Story, Frozen and Brave. It promises to be entertaining, spirit-filled and worshipful.

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